Scheduling a job

Scheduling a job within Pathway will create a job on the Engineers Atom App.

Job scheduling & re-scheduling
A scheduling pop up window will appear whenever you click "schedule or re-schedule" in the task and actions. The view below which presents engineer availability during scheduling. The engineer and a job duration can be selected directly in the schedule. There is a range of different calendar views available when managing your team’s schedule, including weekly (default), monthly and day views. 
By default it will select a 4 hour block which can be increased or decreased, simply by dragging the box on the side. 

Note: The schedule button will appear on your tasks and actions list after the DNO/Quote approved stages for most project workflows. 

Schedule View Improvements
A tooltip is available on the monthly schedule allowing a quick view of the project information. The tooltip includes project type, customer name, engineer name and contact details.