Remote Customer Signatures

If engineers are unable to capture signatures from customers whilst on site then you will be able to capture them remotely.

The "Remote Customer Signature" feature enables installers to capture signatures on the customer's device, instead of using the installers mobile or tablet.

This feature will help capture customer signatures required for the OZEV grant applications and any other documents supported by Pathway.

The engineer will be given the choice if they would like to send a SMS to the customer for them to sign any documents OR if they select NO then the customer can sign on the engineers mobile or tablet. 


   Engineers view in Atom is shown above.

The customer will receive an automated text message when the engineer presses “Complete” in Atom(if they select YES to remote signature capture). The text message will include a link to an online form where customers can preview their OZEV Annex D document and provide all the required signatures (see below). The signatures are added to the engineers in OZEV Annex D and saved in Pathway under the attachments tab.

The “Re-send OLEV signatures request SMS” task is enabled post-installation in Pathway and all customer communication data including texts are saved as usual in the project ”Activity”.

Note: The above tasks and actions only become available when the project is in installed status.

To check the status of any SMS messages for the signatures it is available in the Project Summary section in the details page: 

This becomes active once the job has been scheduled and will display the following three statuses: 

  • Required: A signature from the customer is still required and a SMS has NOT been sent yet. (it will be sent once job has been completed automatically) 
  • Requested: A SMS has been sent to the customer asking for the signature and we are awaiting a response.
  • Received: The signatures have been received from the customer and the documents in the attachments section have been updated.