OZEV Reports

Pathway will let you export all data required for a submission to OZEV for any eligible projects.

You can access the reports screen by clicking on reports located on the left hand side menu. 

You can then select the Month, year and project type you wish to export the data for:

Warnings will be displayed to show any validation issues with any projects. A typical OZEV submission for a project must consist of the following: 

  • Signed copy of the Annex D (inc Installer and customer signatures)
  • Off street parking photo
  • Installation photo of charge point
  • Serial Number photo
  • ENA Notification form
  • Email copy of DNO notification 
  • Electrical certificate
  • Car Ownership document (If customer is registered owner and has provided a VRN then this wont be needed)

-  Clicking the the download button will provide a zip file for each project containing the above items. 

The export will also contain a Cover letter and Summary Grant claim form detailing your monthly submission. 

Note: Projects that are in installed status onwards will be picked up by the OZEV reports.