How to complete a job in Atom

The Jumptech Atom app will let you capture photos and data required for a project.

Data captured in Atom is sent to Pathway and visible in real 

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time (providing you have a good internet connection). Whether it is a Domestic EV installation or a Site Visit this article will help explain the steps required to complete a job on Atom.

First of all you need to be logged in to Atom. Please see our article on setting up your Atom app available here: 





Once you are logged in to the app and a Pathway user has scheduled in a job to you it will be visible on your "My jobs" screen. 

Dragging down on the My Jobs screen will also refresh the app with any of the latest data.

The job tile will display the following information:

  • Start time
  • Project type (in the example above it is a Domestic EV installation)
  • First name and last name of the customer
  • First line of the address and postcode. 

Once you have tapped the tile this will open main job window: 

This is now the main job screen. You will not be able to edit any of the data until you tap Depart -> Arrive->Start. 

However before starting the job you will be able to view details about the job such as charger model, Max Demand etc (for Domestic EV install jobs). 

A customer photos section will you show any photos provided by the customer using the relay survey. Simply by tapping the gallery icon located on the right hand side will open the full image on your device.


The next set of blocks will require data entry before the job can be completed. Each block will have an orange icon next to it to inform you if mandatary data is still required for entry before you can complete the job. 

As you can see in the example above there are 3 different icons next to each block. 

  This icon means this section is mandatory and in progress. The pie chart will start to get filled as you progress through the block. 

This icon means this section is mandatory but has a mixture of question types. A signature is required as well other types of data entry i.e photos or Yes/No answers. 

This icon means this section is also mandatory but only requires signatures. 

Data entry types in Atom

The Atom app will let you enter different types of data. This can range from the following:

  • Yes/No
  • Photos
  • Barcode scanning (also has free text box if you wish to enter manually)
  • Free Text
  • Multiple Choice Answers 
  • Signature capture

For photo entries you can select the gallery icon to upload from your camera roll: 

To take photos straight from your camera then you just need to click the camera icon: 

Note: You can upload more than 1 photo for any photo questions

Customer signatures with remote SMS 

You will be able to capture the customer signature in 2 methods of any documents required. The Atom app will simply give you the choice if you wish to send a SMS. The SMS will contain a link for the customer to click and it will let them sign on their phone. 

If however you want the customer to sign your device a new block will be available if the answer is No to the question above. 

By clicking the pen icon you will be able to ask the customer to provide signatures as well as your own. You will also be able to preview the document being signed. 

Once all mandatory data has been provided you should see the complete button become available. 

You can also Abort the job will just close the job on the app with the current data filled in so far. 

Pausing a job will simply put the job on hold and update Pathway with that status. 

Once you click complete you will be unable to edit the job and it will be sent back to pathway with all the data provided.